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Q. How do I enter the competition?
Share your creative idea with us in less than 100 words at or tweet your idea to #phillycreate
Q. Who can enter the competition?
This Competition is open to female residents of UAE, KSA and Kuwait.
Q. When will the winner be announced?
The final Winner will be announced on 13th May, 2015
Q. When is the latest date to submit my idea?
The submission phase of the competition ends on the 8th April, 2015
Q. Can I submit more than one idea?
Each participant may submit multiple ideas during the submission phase of the competition.
Q. How will the final prize amount be decided?
The public votes gathered will help determine the final prize amount for the winner.
Total prize money 100,000 AED
Judges decision 50,000 AED
Audience votes 1 vote = 5 AED (maximum public votes capped at 10,000)
Q. Who will choose the final winner?
The panel of judges pick one out of the three shortlists to be the final winner whose idea will be supported by Philadelphia and brought to life.
Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of the "Philadelphia Creativity for a Cause Competition" to set a legally binding agreement between Philadelphia and competition users:

  1. The Promoter
    The Promoter of the Competition is "Mondelez Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa FZE” through its product "Philadelphia"

  2. Markets
    This Competition is open to female residents of UAE, KSA and Kuwait by the start date of the Competition.

  3. Timings and winners announcement


    Start date

    End date

    Duration (days)





    Judges shortlist




    Mentor workshop








    Judges decide winner




    Gala Brunch




    Winners will be announced on 13th May 2015 at a Gala Brunch Event in Dubai. All entries must be received on or after the Start date and on or before the End time on the End Date.

  4. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any entries which are delayed or not received due to any error, omission, delay in operation, transmission, network or software problems or any other reason beyond the Promoter's control.

  5. Steps to enter the competition:
    The participant can enter the competition by entering their creative idea on how to make a positive change in the community on the Philadelphia microsite - or tweet their idea on Twitter using the hashtag #phillycreate

  6. The Game

    1. The participant enters the competition tab on the website and must register and answer two questions
      - Briefly Describe the Creative Idea?
      - How will it benefit the community?

    2. The participant who wishes to enter the competition will need to submit an entry on or Twitter using the hashtag #phillycreate

    3. The idea submitted on the website has to be within 500 characters or if they use Twitter the idea will need to be submitted using 140 characters.

    4. Each participant may submit multiple ideas during the submission phase of the campaign which ends on the 18th April.

    5. Once the submission phase ends a panel of 3 judges shortlist  9 of the ideas by the 20th April, 2015

    6. The shortlisted candidates will be notified and invited to attend a workshop in Dubai on the 21st April 2015.

    7. In the workshop, shortlists will be paired up with a mentor to work on a pitch video of 60 seconds that will be used for upload on the microsite for public voting.

    8. The public voting will help determine the top three finalists and the final prize money amount for the winner.

  7. Winning mechanism

    1. Public support through votes on the video determines the top three from the 26th April- 10th May, 2015

    2. The panel of judges pick one out of the three shortlists to be the final winning idea whose idea will be supported by Philadelphia and brought to life. The Judge’s pick the final winner and winner is announced at the Gala Brunch on the 13th May, 2015

    3. The public votes gathered will help determine the final prize amount for the winner.

      Total prize money       100,000 AED
      Judges decision           50,000 AED    
      Audience votes            1 vote = 5 AED (maximum public votes capped at 10,000)

      Below examples of how the prize money will be decided:

      Scenario (Examples)

      Prize money


      Winner gets 100 votes

      50,000AED  +
      500 AED (5 AED x 100 votes)  


      Winner gets 8000 votes

      50,000 AED +
      45,000 AED (5 AED  x 8000 votes)


      Winner gets 1 million votes

      50,000 AED +
      50,000 AED ( 5 AED x max. 10,000 votes)


    4. Judges select 1 winner from the top 3.
    5. Winner and final prize money is announced at the Gala Event on the 13th May, 2015.
    6. We will then document the winner as she develops and launches her idea through video branded content on digital and PR.
    7. Once the idea comes to life, the follow up video documentary will be released on the site and social media. 
  8. Copyright
    The user hereby agrees that it shall not, by any means, replicate and apply the specific Philadelphia application software for brands, products, pages, and websites.

  9. Disqualification

    • Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any user without informing the user in case such user fails to comply with Philadelphia's terms and conditions.

    • The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any user without informing the user in case such user uses any mechanical or electronic means to artificially alter votes compiled by 5% or more.

    • The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any user without informing the user in case such user engages in any abuse of the Application software system whatsoever, which is the sole discretion of the Promoter to assess and determine.

    • The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, amend, terminate or temporarily suspend the competition at any time for any reason without any notice whatsoever and with no liability to any user or any third party

  10. Additional Cost

    • Any costs associated with accessing Creativity for a Cause is the user's responsibility and is dependent on the Internet service provider used.

  11. Limitation of Liability

    • The Promoter shall not be deemed responsible or liable towards any third party and/or user in case of infringements of any kind of such third party's or user's rights or any loss of person or property or damage caused to the user/ third party by virtue of access by the user to the Application software or participation in the game.

  12. Users Information

    • By entering this Competition, you agree that the information provided by you may be used by Philadelphia for the administration of this Competition.

    • Philadelphia may also use the information to carry out research about this competition and communicate future promotions/competitions to you.

  13. The Promoter’s Employees

    • This Competition is not open to employees (or members of their immediate families namely sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, or sisters) of the Promoter, their subsidiaries, affiliates, sister companies or any third parties involved in the execution of this Competition, either directly or indirectly. If any such person wins the competition, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel such participation.

    • Participation in this Competition constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, which the Promoter reserves the right to amend, alter or add to at any time during the term of this competition.


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Fatema Al Mazrouie
A signature artist with Salwa Zeidan Gallery, a creative Maven with a background in Visual Arts and Design and recognized amongst the top 50 Emirati artists

Fatema Al Mazrouie is an Emirati born in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). She pursued her passion for arts and acquired a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and Design from Zayed University, UAE.

Her artistic sojourn began at the Salwa Zeidan Gallery where she participated in the gallery's shows. Her first auctioned painting was at Sotheby's in 2010. She was also featured as the gallery's Signature Artist at Art Abu Dhabi in 2013, and participated in three international group exhibitions, which took place in London. Her recent work earned her a spot amongst the 50 representative Emirati artists at the Art Foundation, Paris, France.

Fatema's artworks were chosen and bartered to Dr. Nasser Al Khalili collection in the year 2008. After she joined the Salwa Zeidan Gallery in 2009, major collectors in the UAE added her artworks to their private collections; some of these include the Salsali private Museum, Dr. Zaki Nuseibeh's art collection, the Sheikh Zayed Museum in Abu Dhabi as well as Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan's private Collection. One of her notable collectors is the well-known Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi and the Hilton "Rocco Forte" where her work adorns the walls of these exceptional hotels.

Fatema's work of art is about a notion of a woman; - a Muslim stereotype woman, in particular. Her inspiration stems from this woman's thoughts, how she expresses her ideas, her religious beliefs, values and traditions, and unfolds her perception of the society around her. Her work is not in any way restricted to one particular genre or a singular concept and is constantly evolving.

In 2013, she was chosen to represent the UAE at the Lepsien Art Foundation's prestigious residency program in Germany.
Hanan Al Qattan
A progressive Kuwaiti lady who expresses herself through her contemporary writing; and a multi skilled personality who is an engineer by education, a women's advocate through philosophy and a keen mother

A new year dawns and brings with it inspiration, courage and determination. Hanan's promise each year is to get one step closer to realizing the dreams of her life. So far her dreams have equaled her success and achievements.

Hanan Al Qattan is one of Kuwait's prominent female personalities blessed with a wide range of skills that has enabled her to succeed in all the fields she has chosen to pursue thus far.

A fond writer, Al Qattan has flourished in her writing and has written two books in poetry – 'Kharbashat' and 'Symphonies' with 'Symphonies' being one of the best online sellers in the region with firm plans to pen down more inspirational books across various themes. To continue publishing and writing books and to make women walk in pride is Hanan's primary goal.

Fortunately for Al Qattan, Kuwaiti women are able to actively participate in the economy right from the beginning and so she has been able to devote much of her career towards initiating active dialogues that impact the Arab world.

A firm believer of the virtues of equality, fairness and transparency , she has played a crucial role in shaping the role of Arab women in the region, supporting women's rights and offering lectures to women with an aim to remove all hurdles that would impede their personal lives, career paths and/or proactive involvement in the Kuwaiti economy.

With a Civil Engineer's degree, Hanan graduated to enter the civil defense department and became the only engineer in the Middle East with a major in Shelter design.

Unmindful of her accomplishments, Hanan Al Qattan continues her quest for creative expression and empowerment of women, while simultaneously continuing her meaningful contribution to humanity.
Lamia Bint Mohammed Ahmad Al Rumaih
A Saudi photography award winner, Lamia presents a wonderful case of a woman artist from Arabia capturing cultural diversity and beyond...

Lamia is a fine arts lover and a photographer by passion.

She started her journey in the world of photography in 2006, while she actively pursued her interest by practicing photography since 2007.

She is an avid traveler and loves exploring new places, and is a big fan of adventures. Furthermore, she is intrigued about different world civilizations and appreciates different cultures and heritages.

Being a creative self-starter, she has the ability to lead and possesses good management skills.

She also showcases great interest in social activities related to artistic creativity; especially those which help elevate the levels of thought and work.

Lamia has participated in a various local and international exhibitions, and has also won many awards, recognition and praise. In addition to this, Lamia has also represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Saudi Women Photographers Exhibition of the Ministry of Culture and Information, which was held in Jordan.

Lamia has a practical training background and as a result of this has participated in a number of courses on different themes, like "The Basics of Photography", "The Work of Silent Nature", "The Art of Portrait Photography", "Sand Hill Photography", "Heritage Building Photography", and "The Art of Panoramic Photography".

Lamia is a member of various Photographic Groups which are enlisted below:

  • A member in Aaks Photographic Group
  • An administrator in Arabic Lenses Group
  • Founding member of the social Photographers Forum
  • Associate Member in the Middle East Photographers Club
  • A member in the Saudi Photography Association
  • A member in the Women's Photography Group

  • For more information on Lamia's photography, please visit the following link:

    Dr. Reem A. Alfaryan

    Leading the women’s sector in its efforts to facilitate the involvement of women in the economic arena at the Council of Saudi Chambers, Dr. Reem Alfrayan overlooks businesswomen affairs and represents the women’s sector in all public events. As a former member of the University of California’s system-wide trademark licensing committee and a selected ambassador to the US-Saudi business opportunity, Dr. Alfrayan is now a mentor to prospective Saudi students on scholarships abroad.

    Mina Liccione

    Mina is an award-winning performing artist, comedian and Arts Professor. She has been seen on Broadway with STOMP, MTV's ‘The Grind’ (original cast), Edinburgh Fringe Festival, National Lampoon’s film “Pucked” starring Jon Bon Jovi, a comedy show run in New York with Judah Friedlander of the TV Series ‘30 Rock’ and had the great honor to work with Cirque Du Soliel. In 2008, Mina moved to Dubai and pioneered the premiere Comedy & Urban Arts School in the Middle East with her husband Ali Al Sayed. They are extremely passionate about using comedy as a tool to break stereotypes, unify diverse cultures and help those in need. The comedy duo also founded the 'CLOWNS WHO CARE PROJECT' which brings joy, love, light, awareness and support to centers for children and adults with special needs, senior centers, hospitals, orphanages and refugee camps. She has since been coined as ‘UAE’s Queen of Comedy' by Ahlan, was nominated for an Emirates Woman of the Year Award in 2012 and was awarded 1st runner-up ‘Most Inspiring Woman in the GCC’ in 2013 by Philly Arabia.

    Rania Abdul-Aziz Muhammad Zahid

    Those who strive to create a niche in Saudi Arabia are few and far between, but Rania Abdul-Aziz Zahid is certainly one who does everything she can. Always going the extra mile, Rania continuously aims to encourage women speakers in the region by providing them with a strong platform to do so. Conducting numerous programs dedicated to psychological, social, and lingual issues, Rania’s programs are not just highly acclaimed but have also won several accolades. With vast knowledge in the field of psychology, Rania is a Psychological counselor and lecturer at the King Saud University of Health Sciences and as a supervisor for many Saudi youth SMEs under the Centennial Fund. She is also a Board Director of Academy of Languages & Self-Development. Moreover, she is a member in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Makkah.

    Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem

    Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem is an author of several books, such as ‘The Karma Hotel’, ‘The Gift of Sirr,’ and 'Adam's Mysterious Tummy Ache', assistant professor of cross-cultural psychology lecturing for more than 16 years, Director of Learning and Development, talent and leadership consultant for both public and private institutions, founder and Director of the Bolt Down on Bullying campaign for schools throughout the UAE, weekly radio co-host and regular magazine and newspaper columnist. She believes 'learning more results in living more.'

    Sandra (Sandi) Saksena
    Mentor Title
    'Each of us has experienced a sense of possibility - moments where we imagine things as they could be, and yet we hold back. Concerned with circumstance, what others might think, or lack of interest; we don't act on our vision. Express yourself fully, make a difference, be a leader.’

    A long time resident of the Gulf, Sandi and her family have lived in Kuwait, Bahrain and now in Dubai for the last 40 years. A late entrant into the work force, with no previous work experience she could not prepare a CV! However a small advertisement in the paper caught her attention more important she caught the attention of bosses at Nexus (formerly Eagle Star and then Zurich) and the rest is history!

    Sandi devotes her time and energies to her job in personal financial planning. She leads the first all female team of financial counsellors at Nexus Insurance Brokers with whom she has maintained a professional relationship since 1996. She head the division Family Matters at Echelon Advisors and Management Consultants her family firm. Her focus is financial advice and planning for Women and Small and Medium business owners among others. Sandi is a long time member and serves on various committees of the Million Dollar Round Table USA (MDRT premier international recognition for the Life Insurance and Financial Planning industry worldwide)

    As Sandi Observes, “Personal experiences are your best teacher” and what she has experienced over the last 40 years with 17 years as a financial counsellor gives her the confidence to speak on various issues “The essence of sound financial planning is to listen and understand what your clients want, recognize their needs, and provide the right solution to meet those needs. Above all it is the human element the human touch that matter most.”

    Sandi believes that building trust, and loyalty, sharing and giving, dealing with integrity and honesty are essential ingredients to success in both the personal and professional arena. Openness to new ideas is the key to growing your life.

    On a personal note

    Sandi devotes time to children with special needs and is Owner/Permanent Trustee, and Head of Fund Raising of a centre for individuals with special needs called Manzil ( As part of community service she does presentations on financial planning at schools universities and women’s groups. She was a nominee for the Philly Cream Cheese ‘Spread Some Inspiration’ campaign 2012/2013. She has assisted in completing a comprehensive document based on the UAE labour law on the Rights of Women in the work place and has completed a comprehensive guide that focuses on legal and financial matters that effect NRIs living in Dubai. She participates in major community service project in India in partnership with FOGSI (The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India)

    She is a regular contributor to the media on topics related to personal finance, is a regular guest speaker on radio and TV and is frequently quoted in the business pages of the Gulf News, Cashy ME, Aquarius, She is a contributing writer to magazines The intelligent SME, Parent Arabia New You and Executive-Women among others She, is president of Women in Film and Television UAE chapter, a Life member of Athena International -‎ Supporting, developing and honoring women leaders and is on the advisory board of the Women’s division of the CEOs club UAE

    She is a graduate from Lady Shri Ram the top Women’s College in India

    She enjoys physical and mental challenges and participates in various physical fitness challenges. Her accomplishments include Sky diving, Rappelling, Boat
    Racing, Bungee Jumping, White Water Rafting, Horse riding and Trekking in the Himalayas. And, has most recently completed spiritual challenges in Peru, Bolivia, Bhutan, Mongolia and China and the Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage in Tibet, going up to a height of 19,000 ft!
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    Thank you for submitting the idea, your idea will be reviewed
    and published in the gallery shortly
    RT @sbaqat: شاركي أفكارك الإبداعية على الهاشتاق #PhillyCreate لتربحي دعما يصل إلى 100,000 درهم مقدم من @PhillyArabia التفاصيل https://t.…
    RT @vipvip1415: “@PhillyArabia! #phillycreate
    RT @SALEM2033HASSAN: @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate اعداد منح للطلاب المحتاجين لتكميل دراساتهم واتغلالهم في المجال العلمي
    RT @lkjin3619: #PhillyCreate @PhillyArabia نشر وتشجيع ثقافة التطوع بين افراد المجتمع وتأصيلها عند طلاب المدارس
    RT @lkjin3619: #PhillyCreate @PhillyArabia توفير العديد من الاطباء والمستشارين للفقراء الذين لايملكون القدره ع دفع المبالغ مقابل علاجهم
    RT @lkjin3619: #PhillyCreate @PhillyArabia يمكننا وضع الكتب التي نستغني عنها في اماكن ممكن يصل لها الاشخاص الراغبون في القراءه ولاتكلفهم
    “@PhillyArabia! #phillycreate
    RT @sbaqat: شاركي أفكارك الإبداعية على الهاشتاق #PhillyCreate لتربحي دعما يصل إلى 100,000 درهم مقدم من @PhillyArabia التفاصيل https://t.…
    #PhillyCreate اقامه دورات في مدارس الحي تجمع الاهالي في كل اسبوع بعد المغرب لتوعيه الاباء والامهات وايضا الابناء مثلا عن ثقافه التحرش
    #phillycreate زياده عدد المستشفيات والكوادر الطبيه نظرا لازدياد المرضى بشكل كبير.
    #phillycreate وجوداكاديميه مجانيه تحتوي على تعليم الطبخ والحرف واللغات و الاعمال لتشغل اوقات فراغ الشباب والشابات ليعود بالنفع على المجتمع
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate اعداد منح للطلاب المحتاجين لتكميل دراساتهم واتغلالهم في المجال العلمي
    #PhillyCreate to empower women to get together in 'SolidariTea' events and raise awareness for hyper local causes in their own communities
    #PhillyCreate - empowering mums to actively seek 'family friendly' jobs & working hours & companies to create such opportunities
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate - empowering mums to actively seek 'family friendly' jobs & working hours & companies to create opportunities
    انشاء مطاعم خاصه بالنساء بحيث يعمل فيها العديد من الفتيات للقضاء على البطاله #phillyCreate
    RT @sbaqat: شاركي أفكارك الإبداعية على الهاشتاق #PhillyCreate لتربحي دعما يصل إلى 100,000 درهم مقدم من @PhillyArabia التفاصيل https://t.…
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat اقامه برامج توعيه تربويه للشباب لسماع مقترحاتهم ومساعدتهم علي تحقيقها
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreatعدم التهاون في اصدار رخصه القياده حتي نقلل من الحوادث
    @PhillyArabia # phillyCreat عن طريق عمل خطط جيده للتنميه والدخل والانفاق
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat محاوله استصلاح الاراضي الزراعيه كامله حتي نزود من صادراتنا ونرفع مستوي الدخل للمجتمع
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat عن طريق كل طفل حسب هوايته المفضله وبذلك نخلق روح من التفاؤل والمعنويه
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreatعن طريق تعليم الجيل الصاعد وهم الاطفال اسس الحياه عن طريق عمل دورات تجريبيه في الصيف
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreatعن طريق الاهتمام بالثروه السمكيه لانها مصدر دخل للمجتمع
    @PhillyArabia # phillyCreatعن طريق رصف الطرق والكباري بطريقه جيده حتي نقلل من الحوادث
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat دورات تنمية بشرية لجميع شرائح المجتمع حتى تنتشر الإيجابية في الحياة
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat تشجيع الطلاب في المدارس والجامعات على العمل وعمل حوافز ورواتب لزايادة عطاءهم في بلادهم
    RT @samerasaid2: @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat اقامه برامج توعيه تربويه للشباب لسماع مقترحاتهم ومساعدتهم علي تحقيقها
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat التخطيط لدورات تدريبة وتعليمية وتثقيفية لربات البيوت حتى يرقى المجتمع برقيهن
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat إنشاء جمعيات في كل حي وإرسال زوائد طعام العزائم، والفائض من الطعام والشراب والملابس والكتب لسد حاجة فقراء الحي
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat تفعيل دور القراءة في البيوت والمدارس والمكتبات العامة وعمل مكافآت مالية للقارئ المتميز
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat حتي نحفز من هو مثله انه عندما يقوم بعمل ينمي ويطور بلده سوف نذكره في كل مكان وينال درحات التقدير والثناء من البشر
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreatالتي توجد في الاشارات او المولات او اي شي يثير انتباه الناس ونذكر فكره الشخص ومشروعه وكيف توصل الي تحقيق حلمه
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat عن طريق وهذه الخطوه اهم شي في التنميه والتطوير ان يتم نشر واذاعه ما يقوم به الشخص سواء شاب او طفل علي الشاشات
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat عن طريق المكتبه المتنقله في الشارع او علي الشاطي لتثقيف الناس ومساعدتهم علي تكوين الافكار لان الافكار تاتي فجاه
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat عن طريق عدم القاء اي نفايات في الشارع وليس فقط هذا بل نساعد عامل النظافه ونكرمه علي عمله حتي يقوم به وهو متحمس
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat التنسيق بين المدارس لعمل مسابقات علمية بين الطلاب لتشجيع المميزين ودعمهم مادياً ومعنوياً في مجالات الإختراعات
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat عن طريق تكريم من يقوم بعمل ولو بسيط في تنميه بلده حتي نحفز الاخرين علي تنميه بلدهم
    RT @emankhalid1: @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat إنشاء جمعيات في كل حي وإرسال زوائد طعام العزائم، والفائض من الطعام والشراب والملابس والكتب لسد …
    استثمر المبلغ واسدد الديون #PhillyCreate
    افتح مصنع بالجائزه واشغل فيه المحتاجين #PhillyCreate
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate عمل حديقة عامة كبيرة تحتوي ألعاب رياضية متنوعة ومسابح وأماكن للمشي للتشجيع على الرياضة
    اعمل مشروع واساعد المحتاجين وواظف العاطلين #PhillyCreate
    RT @emankhalid1: @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate عمل حديقة عامة كبيرة تحتوي ألعاب رياضية متنوعة ومسابح وأماكن للمشي للتشجيع على الرياضة
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate نشر صور فوتوغرافيه في الاماكن العامه و تحتوي كل صوره على ارشاد لامر معين عن طريق فكرة تكوين الصوره
    @PhillyArabia مشروع مكتبة متنقلة بشكل كتاب توضع بكل حي بحيث يكون الشراء فردي و شخصي لتقرب القارئ من الكتاب ولتسهل الحصول عليها #PhillyCreate
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate الإهتمام بدور الإعلام لتطوير المجتمع نحو الأفضل من خلال تنوع القنوات التعليمية والتثقيفية ونشر الإيجابية
    @PhillyArabia عن طريق تشجيع السياحه والمحافظه عليها لانها تعتبر مصدر دخل للدوله PhillyCreat#
    @PhillyArabia عن طريق تدعيم الاقتصاد المحلي والوقوف بجانبه PhillyCreat#
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate إعطاء القرى النائية نصيباً من الإهتمام ببناء مراكز تعليمية على مستوى عالٍ ومكتبات عامة ومدارس وحدائق عامة
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreat عن طريق الاهتمام بذوي الاعاقات لان الله عوضهم بقدراتهم الجسديه قدرات عقليه ففيهم من يستطيع بناء العلم مره اخري
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate تطوير التعليم في المدارس وإدخال فيه الإبتكار والتجديد حتى يبدع الطلاب وذلك ينعكس بالإيجابية على أوطانهم
    @PhillyArabia Pledge to Contribute leftover buffet dishes by party organizer to hungry & underprivileged in labour camps #phillycreate
    @PhillyArabia Contribute a portion of leftover buffet dishes by the organizer to the hungry & underprivileged in labour camps #phillycreate
    @PhillyArabia عن طريق استخدام علبه الايس كريم الفارغه وزراعه اي شي فيه ونقوم ببيعه لاحباب الطبيعهphillyCreat#
    #phillycreate Make free activities' centers in the industrial & labors housing areas where they stress out & enjoy their days off #dubai
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate استغلال المواد صديقة البيئة (الأكياس الورقية بدل البلاستيكية)في محلات البقالة والمخابز والمحلات التجارية
    #PhillyCreate كنت اقول لو صرت ثريه راح افتح بنك للايتام والفقراء والمحتاجين يحولون عليه ناس مبلغ وهذه المبالغ تصرف على المحتاجين هذه فكرتي
    #PhillyCreate من انا صغيره كان حلمي اكون شي كبير في هالحياه واتمنى تكون هذه الفرصه وللاسف الى الان مانجحت ولا في شي ..
    @PhillyArabia government shud focus on labourcamps by gvg mobile police courts for preventg alcohol crime and drugs #philly create
    RT @emankhalid1: @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate توثيق عُرى المجتمع ونشر المحبة بينهم بأن تقوم المراكز التجارية بعمل صندوق لتقديم المال والحاجا…
    Love @PhillyArabia's Creativity for a Cause! Submit your ideas to make the community better & they'll bring it to life #phillycreate
    #phillycreate - I want to create a tution centre run by students for students and elderly who are not literate @PhillyArabia
    @uae4kidz @PhillyArabia ummm tell me more please? I have a couple of GREAT ideas -:) #greengrass #allsportisgoodsport #healthy -:)
    @PhillyArabia #phillyCreat استغلال مواهب وقدرات مرضى التوحد في تنمية ورفعة المجتمع ودمجهم مع أفراد المجتمع واستنباط أعمال مناسبة لهم
    @PhillyArabia Starting online portal where students contribute their notebooks,stationary- later be shipped to poor students #phillycreate
    @PhillyArabia تقديم مساعدات سواء ماديه او اجهزه لبعض المستشفيات فكم مريض phillyCreat#يموت بسبب عدم توافر جهاز لكثره المرضي
    @PhillyArabia فهذه الديون ان كانت صغيره بالنسبه لك فهي ثقيله علي قلوبهم وتعهد كل شهر بسداد مديونيه فقير #phillyCreat
    Dh100,000 prize for best idea to improve #UAE community via @TheNationalUAE @PhillyArabia @minaliccione @BuckleUpUAE
    RT @emankhalid1: @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate استغلال الأراضي البعيدة عن المدن بتحويلها إلى محميات طبيعية بتشجيرها لزيادة حركة السياحة الداخ…
    RT @samerasaid2: @PhillyArabia استخدام الدراجات بدلا من السيارات لمنع الازدحام وعرقله المرور وتوفير الوقود PhillyCreat#
    @PhillyArabia وايضا نستغل هذا الشهر علي الاقتصاد في الطعام والشراب حتي بصبح لدينا فائض نقوم بتصديره #phillyCreat
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate تكوين لجنة لترشيد استهلاك الماء والكهرباء وعمل جوائز تحفيزية للعائلات التي تقوم بتقليل استهلاكها للماء والكهرباء
    اقامة مشروع عبارة عن مكان خاص لتفريغ الطاقة السلبيه عن طريق تكسير الاشياء وبيكون عليه اقبال @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate
    إقامةة اماكن خاصةة لدعم الموهبين بدون ان يدفعوا الموهبين اي مبلغ من المال ويكون لتشجيعهم وتنميتهم #phillycreate @PhillyArabia
    @PhillyArabia ونقوم باعاده تدوير هذه النفايات # phillyCreat
    @PhillyArabia علي ممارسه الرياضه فلا يصبح احد يعاني من السمنه ولا احد يعاني من الضغط النفسي للحياه فنجعله يفكر في تطوير بلده #phillyCreat
    @PhillyArabia المحتاج وكل موظف يضع المبلغ الذي يريده#phillyCreat
    @PhillyArabia عن طريق عمل دراسه جدوي لبعض القري الفقيره ونقوم كل شهر بتنميه بعض هذه القري من ماكل وملبس وسكن ورعايه وتدريس #phillyCreat
    @PhillyArabia وبذلك يتم ارشاد الناس بطريقه لطيفه#phillyCreat
    @PhillyArabia Making Jewelry From Recycled itemsRecycle unused old jewelry & reuse beads from old dresses Reuse wires&strings #phillycreate
    A healthy individuals will make a better community. Health insurance for everyone including foreign workers. #PhillyCreate
    @dimpledom: A healthy individuals will make a better community. Health insurance for everyone including foreign workers. #phillycreate
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate اتمني ان يحصل تكافؤ بين الأعمار في الزواج لدي مجتمعنا العربي حتي تقل نسبة الطلاق كلما تقاربت الأعمار قلت المشاكل
    @PhillyArabia الاخوه بين الاهالي في الحي #phillyCreat
    @PhillyArabia @lamiapg عمل مشروع للاطفال اليتامي #phillyCreat
    @PhillyArabia @lamiapg للمستقبل بحيث يكون لديه هدف للتنميه والابداع PhillyCreat#
    @PhillyArabia لو كانت شوارعنا مليئة بكتابات ورسمات تجعل المارين من الطريق يُبهرون ويتعجبون من هذا الفن،#مواهب_حضرموت
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate عمل ورشات لطلاب المدارس المرحلة الثانوية مع الأساسية حتى يتم تبادل المعلومات وتعزيز الثقة بالنفس وتطوير التعليم
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate نضع آلات خاصة بالفواكه ونضع فيها بعض الخضار مثل الخيار في كل المولات و المدارس وألات الحليب للحفاظ على الصحة
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate لمنع الحوداث نصنع سيارات ونغلفها ب مغناطيس قطبه موجب حتى تتنافر ،والرصيف نغلفه بقطب موجب حتى تتنافر مع السيارات
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate Connecting students with mentors and different internships monthly to help them realize their dream career.
    @PhillyArabia #PhillyCreate i hope you like my idea
    تأليف كتاب ب اسمي #PhillyCreate
    @PhillyArabia Create safety alarm on balcony whch senses presence of a unattended kid,givin out alarm if d window poses a risk #phillycreate
    Dr. Reem A. Alfaryan
    Mina Liccione
    Rania Abdul-Aziz Muhammad Zahid
    Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem